LILEE Systems is pleased to announce the immediate availability of TransAir SDR-2400, a proprietary software-defined radio delivering ultra-reliable, low-latency communications for V2X (Vehicle-To-Everything) and industrial automation systems. Latencies exceed requirements needed for command and control of self-driving vehicles and mission-critical applications in urban, high-speed and intercity rail. TransAir SDR-2400 has been implemented and proven in V2X communications systems for multiple, successful autonomous bus pilots.

Inherent limitations of current communications technologies can undermine signal delivery in V2X networks, especially when needed for mission-critical and safety applications. Neither contention-based Wi-Fi nor LTE networks guarantee access for transmission of time-sensitive information. TransAir SDR-2400 guarantees access and quality of service by eliminating the unpredictable bandwidth contention process. Finally, software-defined controllability provides operational flexibility and futureproofs V2X communications systems as requirements and technology evolves.

LILEE’s 32-day self-driving Taipei bus pilot safely transported over 7,000 passengers on city streets with cross traffic, proving the viability of autonomous transit in Taiwan. The second autonomous bus pilot tested the reliability of the communications technology across a more remote, mountainous route and proved just as successful. TransAir SDR-2400 delivered performance and the flexibility to configure communications to the specifics of autonomous bus operational needs.