Liberty Mutual auto insurance customers who drive a Volvo with active or passive advanced safety features may soon see a discount on their premium through Liberty Mutual’s new TechSafety™ program. In addition to encouraging the adoption of advanced and autonomous safety features among drivers through savings incentives, Liberty Mutual will also evaluate the impact these emerging features have on accident frequency and severity. The program builds on the success of the Volvo City Safety technology which includes pedestrian, cyclist, and large animal detection with emergency autobrake.

A January 2016 report from The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) showed that cars outfitted with Volvo City Safety reduced rear end crashes by 41 percent and injuries by 47 percent. Liberty Mutual will study the effects of these safety features, sharing the information with the manufacturer in an effort to help promote further advanced safety.

Liberty Mutual Insurance and Volvo Car USA have collaborated since 2010, offering Volvo owners valuable savings and unique features to their auto policy through the Liberty Mutual affinity program. This program expansion now includes the TechSafety discount for Liberty Mutual auto insurance customers, allowing drivers to save up to an additional ten percent on their premiums with Volvo vehicles featuring City Safety technology. Beginning in April 2017, customers in Illinois will have access to this discount, rolling out to additional states throughout this year. All Volvo vehicles with City Safety technology are eligible for the program.

Source: Liberty Mutual Insurance