LG Innotek, the electrical component division of the LG Group, has revealed two new hybrid lenses for autonomous driving. Offered in two types, the lenses cross-apply thin plastic and glass to improve performance, while reducing size and increasing price competitiveness.

One type of lens will be developed for in-vehicle driver monitoring systems (DMS), while another will be designed for broader ADAS applications. The division has said that both are 20% to 30% thinner than glass-only alternatives, with its design approach enabling it to perform consistently, regardless of temperature, and accurately recognize objects. With its hybrid lenses, LG Innotek is also aiming to broaden the scope of sensor design, with its solution allowing more sensors to be integrated into other body parts, such as the front fillers.

Mass production on LG Innotek’s new camera modules with DMS lenses, and launch camera modules with ADAS lenses, is expected to commence in 2023. The DMS communicates with a camera mounted on the dashboard.