Leopard Imaging, a supplier of HD embedded cameras has announced its new 3D Depth Hawk camera. It supports NVIDIA’s Jetson edge AI and Isaac robotics platforms.

In collaboration with NVIDIA, Leopard Imaging aims to deliver cost-effective 3D stereo imaging solutions that provide real-time, accurate depth perception. It is this perception that would give developers the high-quality results needed to build and deploy edge AI and robotics applications. The Hawk Camera offers a wide horizontal field of view of 120° and integrates dual onsemi AR0234CS RGB image sensors with an active−pixel array of 1920 x 1200 to support full HD video up to 120 fps.

The dual RGB global shutter sensors reduce visual artifacts to improve perception performance in any high-vibration environments that the robot may encounter. This is coupled with a 6-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) that provides accurate, sub-microsecond, timestamping of the camera frames relative to the IMU necessary for high-precision robotics perception.

The Hawk Camera’s GMSL2 interface enables reliable operation at distances up to 10 meters away from NVIDIA’s Jetson edge AI platform to further satisfy the mechanical design needs of today’s AI-enabled robots. It additionally provides accurate depth perception from 15 centimeters to 5 meters, and has the ability to detect 10 cm x 10 cm objects with superior resolution.

The camera solution works with NVIDIA’s Vision Programming Interface algorithms, and integrates to the NVIDIA Isaac platform, to ensure optimum performance on Jetson’s AGX Xavier and Xavier NX system on modules. It is supported out of the box by the camera and stereo depth Isaac ROS GEMs, enabling developers to quickly integrate in their products.

The Hawk Camera is available to order now.