Kodiak Robotics, a self-driving trucking company, has announced a new partnership with Ambarella, an edge AI semiconductor company.

Through it, Kodiak will integrate Ambarella’s CV2AQ AI perception system-on-chip (SoC) into its self-driving trucks to support their camera data processing operations. The CV2AQ includes Ambarella’s proprietary CVflow AI engine and provides users with enhanced AI performance per watt, along with advanced imaging capabilities.

In addition to integration Ambarella’s CV2AQ SoC, Kodiak is also exploring the integration of its new CV3-AD AI domain controller SoC family. If adopted, the family would be utilized to develop a complete embedded compute solution for its next generation of autonomous trucks. The CV3-AD family itself provides single-chip processing for multi-sensor perception—including high-resolution camera, radar and LiDAR —and deep fusion for multiple sensor modalities and AV path planning.