Jungo announced that its CoDriver driver monitoring software runs on the NVIDIA DRIVE IX platform.

With the debut of Level 2+ vehicles and recent regulatory requirements in Europe, China and other territories, OEMs need to accelerate implementation of robust driver monitoring and cabin sensing in all new vehicles.

An NVIDIA DRIVE IX ecosystem partner, Jungo offers its CoDriver AI software to developers as a ready-to-use solution running on the powerful NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Xavier platform for both driver monitoring (e.g., distraction, drowsiness) and cabin sensing (e.g., occupancy count, children left behind).

The NVIDIA DRIVE platform integrates the high-performance, energy-efficient compute of the Xavier system-on-a-chip (SoC) and full stack AV software to monitor surroundings and the driver, assure path safety and improve mobility.

As part of the software stack, the NVIDIA DRIVE IX intelligent experience platform provides a framework for the AI cockpit. It brings together the system, tools, and algorithms to enhance a driver’s situational awareness, assist in driving functions and provide natural interaction between the vehicle and its occupants.

DRIVE IX is an open platform supporting a wide range of ecosystem partner technologies that enable intelligent driver monitoring, speech recognition and advanced augmented reality it is designed to deliver this comprehensive set of optimized capabilities to OEMs, Tier 1s and development partners.