Innoviz Technologies is selected by a leading Tier-1 automotive supplier as the LiDAR provider for its multi-year autonomous shuttle program. Innoviz will provide its InnovizOne solid-state LiDAR units to the company for use on its shuttles, which are expected to become operational by the end of 2022 and change the face of transportation.

The shuttles are expected to achieve level 4 autonomy, enable fully automated driving and be used to transport both passengers and cargo in various geo-fenced settings. The agreement is expected to generate hundreds of millions in revenue throughout the life of the program.

The new design win followed a stringent two-and-a-half-year due diligence process conducted by the Tier-1 automotive supplier. As part of the selection process, the supplier completed a thorough review of Innoviz’s product reliability, manufacturing processes and maturity, automotive qualifications, corporate processes certifications and more.

Unlike costly mechanical spinners installed on car roofs, InnovizOne is a low-cost, automotive-grade, lightweight solution. InnovizOne is designed to ensure that the shuttles circumvent even the smallest of obstacles. A number of sensors placed in various spots around the shuttle provide both short and long-range vision, removing blind spots and enhancing safety.