InnovizTwo Next-Generation LiDAR

Innoviz Technologies and its partner HiRain Technologies have announced the deployment of InnovizOne LiDAR sensors at ports across China and on HiRain’s autonomous trucks and AGVs. This deployment has already begun, with the first sensors situated at the Port of Rizhao in Shandong province. Over the course of their partnership, both parties are planning to expand the project to further ports along the region.

The solution used at the ports combined Innoviz’s LiDAR with HiRain’s Convolutional Neural Network and is also being used for V2X applications. In taking solution to China’s ports, both companies aim to improve operational efficiency, mitigate risks and enhance worker safety. Innoviz and HiRain’s durable sensing system can detect vehicles, pedestrians, and infrastructure typically found at ports with precise location, distance, and size. HiRain’s system provides further functionality – including LiDAR protection, heat radiation protection, shock absorption, noise reduction, dustproofing and cleaning.

The companies Innoviz and HiRain initially began working together in 2018, and HiRain plans to integrate Innoviz’s next-generation LiDAR sensor, InnovizTwo, into its platforms, to make port operations even safer and more efficient. HiRain had previously developed its own roadside V2X solution using the InnovizOne LiDAR. The five-in-one sensor unit monitors traffic from a bird’s eye view, collecting environmental data and sending it to a high-performance computer in real-time. This computer then broadcasts the data to surrounding trucks in the area to avoid collisions and road safety as a result.