Innoviz and HiRain Technologies, a leading Tier 1 solution provider for the automotive market in China have announced a partnership to bring Innoviz’s LiDAR and computer vision technology to Chinese automakers through HiRain’s extensive sales channels in the country.

The addition of Innoviz’s LiDAR to HiRain’s offering enables Chinese OEM’s to access the  mass-market LiDAR solution available today, as an integrated component of their overall autonomous driving systems. In addition, Innoviz’s advanced solution provides a complete computer vision software stack and algorithms to turn 3D vision into critical driving insights.

The availability of Innoviz’s LiDAR within HiRain’s autonomous driving system gives HiRain customers access to Innoviz’s long-range scanning and superior object detection capabilities for self-driving vehicles. Innoviz LiDAR enables autonomous vehicles to sense their surroundings with unparalleled clarity and accuracy, even at long distances, in varying weather and light conditions, and in multi-LiDAR environments.

Innoviz’s expansion into the Chinese market through HiRain adds another milestone to the tremendous worldwide expansion the company has experienced over the past months. Innoviz’s automotive-grade LiDAR, InnovizOne, and its computer vision software were recently selected by BMW for series production vehicles starting in 2021.

Source: Innoviz