Innoviz Technologies has formed a partnership with Curium, a leading developer of automated calibration services for Autonomous Systems.

Curium’s automated calibration software ensures that the vehicle’s sensor suite is working as it should, even under dynamically changing conditions. This is a critical problem to solve, as sensors which are out of adjustment can lead to mis-detections and accidents.

Through the partnership agreement, Curium will apply its patented calibration techniques to its advanced driving system using the advanced capabilities of Innoviz’s solid-state LiDAR sensor. Curium’s solution actually simplifies the integration of the InnovizOne Lidar into any vehicle, as well as the installation of the sensor in the production stage.

Curium will also distribute and promote Innoviz’s products throughout Southeast Asia across multiple sectors, including automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), shuttles, robotaxis, and various industrial applications. The partnership between the companies builds on Innoviz’s strong relationships in Asia, including Korea, Japan, and China.