Hella at the IAA Cars 2019

HELLA presents lighting and electronic solutions for future mobility at IAA 2019

Innovative Dual Voltage Battery for mild hybrids enables significant CO2 savings
Against this background, HELLA accompanies customers holistically on their way to electromobility. The basis for this is a comprehensive product range for all electrification stages. At the IAA 2019, HELLA will be focusing in particular on its expertise as a component and subsystem supplier and presents, for example, new battery module solutions for the rapidly growing market of 48 volt mild hybrids.

New road condition sensor extends sensor portfolio for automated driving scenarios

At the occasion of the IAA, HELLA is also presenting a new sensor with which the condition of the road surface can be determined. The structure-borne sound sensor SHAKE (abbreviation for Structural Health And Knock Emission) is able to detect the condition of the road on the basis of even the smallest touches (e.g. vibrations of water drops whirled up) and to alert the driver for example of aquaplaning. As the SHAKE sensor determines road condition information in real time and perspectively can share such information with other vehicles, it is also a necessary component for implementing automated driving functions.

With the SHAKE sensor, electronics expert HELLA expands its extensive sensor portfolio. With powerful radar sensors and front camera software, HELLA already offers essential core technologies for assisted and automated driving. In this context, HELLA pursues a flexible, scalable platform approach that realizes cost-optimized NCAP functionalities as well as more sophisticated functions for higher automation levels. In cooperation with the US start-up AEye, HELLA is also stepping up its development activities in the field of LiDAR sensors.

New high-resolution digital headlamp technology opens up a wide range of applications

With the “Digital Light SSL|HD”, HELLA is also showcasing the latest generation of high-resolution digital headlamp technology at the IAA. It is expected to be launched within the next three years. “Digital Light SSL|HD” is a further development and miniaturization of existing Matrix LED systems. The more than 15,000 LED pixels of the fingernail-sized light source can be individually controlled and are the basis for flexibly programmable lighting functions. On this basis, additional light-based security functions, such as an optical lane assistant, can be implemented, as can welcome scenarios or further forms of personalization. At the same time, this technology opens up new perspectives for digital business models, such as an app-based control or on a pay-per-use basis.

Holistic solutions for the vehicle front and the interior of the future jointly developed with partners

In addition, HELLA is presenting new lighting concepts for the vehicle body and interior. Among other things, they support the trend towards autonomous driving. For example, lighting modules on the vehicle exterior can contribute to communication between self-driving cars and other road users. With Plastic Omnium, HELLA is also working on holistic concepts for the integration of lighting technologies into the vehicle body as part of the “Front of the Car” approach. In cooperation with Faurecia, HELLA is furthermore presenting pioneering concepts for the vehicle interior of the future at the IAA with a demonstration vehicle. After all, the vehicle interior will be redefined in the course of autonomous driving, so that a multitude of new functionalities and adaptation options to the different needs of oc

Bosch at the IAA Cars 2019

Milestone: first level 4 system approved

Bosch is posting substantial business success in automated driving. Driver assistance systems form the basis for this. In this area, Bosch will generate 12 percent growth this year, and sales of 2 billion euros. For the next levels of automated driving, Bosch will invest 4 billion euros up to 2022. For the U.S. and Asian markets, Bosch is currently developing level 2 systems that allow drivers to take their hands off the wheel on the freeway. In Germany, Bosch and Daimler were recently granted the world’s first approval for a level 4 system – automated valet parking in the parking garage of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. This automated valet parking service has thus progressed beyond the prototype stage. By the end of 2021, it is expected that a dozen other parking garages will be equipped with automated valet parking.

Customized mobility: shuttle services and rolling chassis

The transition in the mobility industry is giving rise to new market players. Bosch is also entering into business with these players. For example, the company is working with DiDi, Lyft, and Uber – the three biggest ride-hailing providers, who already arrange more than 50 million rides a day worldwide. DiDi, which is the leading Chinese provider of mobility services, is using Bosch’s cloud-based battery services to help increase the service life of their vehicle batteries.

In the future, mobility service providers such as these will increasingly use shuttles to offer customized on-demand mobility. By 2025, it is expected that more than 2.5 million shuttles will be driving on the world’s roads. With its solutions for electrification, automation, connectivity, and personalization, Bosch wants to help these providers offer ride-hailing services featuring maximum comfort and security. The undercarriage of such shuttles could be a rolling chassis – a ready-to-drive, modular platform that serves as a flexible basis for various bodywork designs. In this area, Bosch entered into an alliance with the chassis and automotive specialist Benteler at the start of the year. Automobil Pininfarina will be the first customer to use the rolling chassis for its own vehicles, and will also act as a reseller for the chassis.

TomTom at the IAA Cars 2019

TomTom announced details of its latest fully autonomous test vehicle.  The highly customized car is designed to test and improve TomTom’s autonomous driving technologies. This includes the industry-leading TomTom High Definition (HD) Map, TomTom Roadagrams, and map streaming service, TomTom AutoStream.

BMW at the IAA Cars 2019

BMW stand at the IAA Cars 2019 international motor show in Frankfurt am Main focuses on the theme of future driving pleasure. Alongside the latest new additions across a broad range of segments revealed by BMW as part of its ongoing product offensive, the premium carmaker is also exhibiting fascinating vehicle studies and trailblazing technologies expected to have a major impact on individual mobility in tomorrow’s world. The new products on show at the IAA Cars 2019 reflect both the rich variety of the company’s model portfolio and its capacity for innovation in the future-focused fields identified as part of the NUMBER ONE > NEXT strategy and known by the acronym D+ACES (Design, Automated driving, Connectivity, Electrification, and Services).

Show premiere: the BMW Vision M NEXT – the future of sporty motoring.

The BMW Vision M NEXT was one of the highlights at the #NEXTGen Event held at BMW Welt in Munich. Now, visitors to the IAA Cars 2019 show are also being treated to a glimpse into the electrified future of the BMW M brand. Like the BMW Vision i NEXT that is also being exhibited in Frankfurt, the BMW Vision M NEXT represents a prototype version of the BMW driving experience of tomorrow. The all-electric BMW Vision iNEXT mainly serves as a showcase for the EASE experience concept, illustrating how autonomous driving is set to transform life on board vehicles. The BMW Vision M NEXT, on the other hand, places the focus more on the pure and emotionally engaging experience of driving yourself in the BOOST concept. The Vision Vehicle takes the form of a progressive plug-in hybrid sports car with an emotion-stirring design and cleanly arranged interior that places the focus squarely on the active driver. Its Power PHEV drive system opens up a new dimension in sporty driving, offering a choice between electric all-wheel drive and pure rear-wheel drive, with either all-electric propulsion or the power of a turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine. It generates a system output of 441 kW/600 hp and enables the car to sprint to 100 km/h (62 mph) from rest in just three seconds. There is also a BOOST+ mode that puts extra drive power on tap at the push of a button for an even more exhilarating performance experience. The car has a range of up to 100 kilometres (62 miles) when driving in all-electric mode, allowing the majority of journeys to be completed with zero local emissions, both in urban areas and beyond.

BYTON introduces first networked premium E-SUV M-Byte

BYTON M-Byte unveiled at IAA Frankfurt

BYTON, a brand of connected e-cars, unveils the BYTON M-Byte at the IAA Frankfurt. With the innovative M-Byte Cockpit, which surrounds a 48-inch (122 cm) domed display – the world’s largest in the automotive industry, BYTON fulfills its promise of implementing its user-centric operating concept. The driver can interact with the display via a 7-inch tablet, the passenger via an 8-inch tablet, as well as with gestures and voice commands (in partnership with Amazon Alexa) and buttons.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

AVI Systems at the IAA Cars 2019

AVI Systems to presents the CAREYE SAFETY ANGLE at the IAA Pkw 2019 – New Mobility World from September in Frankfurt!

Turning assistants warn truck and bus drivers when pedestrians and cyclists are at risk when turning off. CAREYE SAFETY ANGLE reduces drastically the danger of the blind spot, which is often the cause of accidents. On the basis of artificial intelligence, people and cyclists are recognised and the driver is reliably warned acoustically and/or optically of course in real time.

CAREYE SAFETY ANGLE turning assistant by AVI Systems combines high-tech camera monitor systems with artificial intelligence and algorithms. Both, hardware and software are AVI Systems´ in-house developments.  

Mercedes Benz cars and vans at the 2019 International Motor Show

Mercedes-Benz press conference at the 2019 IAA focused on sustainable solutions for the future of mobility, which are reflected in the products as well as in the business strategy.

Audi showcased the all-new RS7 sportback at the International Motor Show, Frankfurt 2019

At the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Audi Sport GmbH will be presenting the RS 7 Sportback as a wide-bodied five-seater for the first time, also showcasing the improved performance, safety and efficiency delivered by a mild hybrid system. More than 30 assist systems are available, including adaptive cruise assist, intersection assist, lane change warning, curb warning, and 360-degree cameras. The RS 7 Sportback will be arriving at dealerships in Germany and other European countries in the end of 2019.

Opel World Premieres at 2019 IAA

With its world premieres at this year’s IAA Frankfurt International Motor Show Opel demonstrates that the automotive future is rich in variety. The IAA is where the new Opel Corsa, the Grandland X Hybrid and the new Opel Astra will make their debut – perfectly tailored to customer needs. The new Opel Corsa is not only available as an efficient, classic combustion-engine version, but for the first time also as a battery-electric Corsa-e – with a purely electric range of up to 330 kilometers according to WLTP1. Opel is also presenting the first electric rally car for customer motorsport – the Corsa-e Rally.

Active and passive safety are at a high level, and Opel engineers have finely tuned the chassis and the steering. In the new Corsa, Opel offers technologies and assistance systems that customers otherwise only know from higher vehicle classes. A real highlight is the adaptive, glare-free IntelliLux LED® matrix light, which Opel is making widely available for the first time in the mainstream small car segment. Other Corsa innovations include sensor-controlled Flank Guard, 180-degree panoramic rear view camera and automatic parking assistant, as well as systems such as Forward Collision Alert with Automatic Emergency Braking and pedestrian detection, intelligent cruise control and Lane Keep Assist.

Hyundai showcases the all-new Hyundai i10 at IAA 2019

Hyundai Motor has unveiled the All-New i10 at the 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA). The newest model in the company’s i-range features a new dynamic design, as well as a comprehensive connectivity and advanced safety package.

The All-New i10 has one of the most comprehensive safety packages in its class and is equipped with the latest Hyundai SmartSense active safety and driving assistance features to comply with the highest European safety standards.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) utilises a multi-function camera to detect not just cars, but also pedestrians in front of the vehicle. Meanwhile, High Beam Assist (HBA) is designed to automatically switch between high and low beams and provides an optimal illumination of the road ahead to help drivers detect lights from oncoming vehicles at night.

Other safety features available in the All-New i10 include the Lane Keep Assist System (LKAS), Driver Attention Warning (DAW) and the Intelligent Speed Limit Warning (ISLW).