Hyundai has formed a strategic partnership with leading Chinese AI startup DeepGlint, which provides AI products and solutions for the security and transportation market.

The new partnership will enable Hyundai Motor to implement artificial intelligence to gain competitive advantages in manufacturing, robotics, retail, and customer experience.



With a belief that AI can empower the company to clearly understand customers’ needs and to help broaden customer experiences, Hyundai announced a partnership with China’s leading AI startup DeepGlint. The company highlighted four focus areas where Hyundai plans to use AI to impact the future of humanity the most – manufacturing, retail, environment and seamless mobility.

The partnership with DeepGlint will allow Hyundai to comprehensively deploy AI technology in many business areas, improving the quality of Hyundai’s products and customer satisfaction as well as creating a safer driving environment.

DeepGlint is just one of several Chinese ICT partnerships Hyundai Motor is actively pursuing. During the CES ASIA 2018, Hyundai also announced cooperation with Baidu, a leading global ICT firm based in Beijing, where the two parties will spearhead the technological development for autonomous driving through the Apollo Project. Renowned global automakers, ICT companies, startups and academics are participating in the Baidu-led Apollo Project to jointly advance autonomous driving technologies.


Source: Hyundai