Hyundai Mobis has developed an urban ADAS called the Mobis Parking System (MPS), which integrates Narrow Space Assistance (NSA), Reverse Assistance (RA), and Remote Smart Parking Assistance (RSPA).

With the system, the car can autonomously drive through a narrow street by avoiding obstructions, through the revolving gate of an underground parking lot, or backwards at a dead end where two cars are facing each other.

Hyundai Mobis developed MPS using a combination of its own software logic and mass-produced ultrasonic sensors. Ultrasonic sensors were selected due to their suitability for navigating narrow streets or underground parking lots. The ultrasonic sensors recognize objects over a short distance, while the software logic and the control system perform self-driving.

The system’s NSA feature means that the car needs only 16 inches of space on both sides to drive through a narrow street independently, while RA records the car’s travel route in real-time to create the reverse route by itself. The steering wheel and vehicle speed are controlled automatically.

The Remote Smart Parking Assistance (RSPA) system is capable of parking a car at a right angle, or in parallel, by finding an empty space. 3D Surround View Monitor (SVM) provides a better parking experience by displaying the car’s surroundings in the 360 degree space around it. Rear-autonomous Emergency Braking (R-AEB) is also noticeable.

Hyundai Mobis will preemptively suggest global automakers to apply related technologies. The application scope will be expanded to purpose-built vehicles (PBV) and large SUVs.