Horizon Robotics, a ADAS provider based in China, and Guangzhou Automotive Group (GAC) AION, have signed a comprehensive strategic partnership to jointly develop new advanced driving assistance products. Through it, Horizon Robotics will further support AION’s goal to meet consumer demands for enhanced mobility while offering a safer, more convenient, experience for drivers and passengers alike.

Under the partnership, new AION vehicles will utilize solutions developed by Horizon Robotics, featuring advanced automated driving and interactive in-cabin functions. Following the commencing of mass production of an AION built on Horizon’s Journey 2 system, the partners will continue to explore the feasibility of joint development focused on future Journey solutions, including Journey 5.

The announcement marks the latest stage of a larger collaboration between the firms, with GAC’s AION Y model offering Journey 2 solutions to support a safe, interactive in-cabin experience. The new agreement will further expand the partnership from in-cabin applications to driving assistance products. Here, Horizon Robotics will continue to provide AION with integrated software and hardware solutions, flexible open services, and experience in mass production.