Honda has confirmed plans to expand the capabilities of its Honda Sensing 360 and Honda Sensing Elite ADAS in the near future. The OEM expects its upgraded Sensing 360 system to begin its rollout in the second half of the decade. By the end of the decade, it is looking to provide the next-gen ADAS as standard on all new Honda and Acura models in the U.S. On those Acura models, Honda Sensing 360 will be branded as AcuraWatch.

The expanded ADAS functions will together support Honda’s global vision to achieve various targets before 2050 – including zero traffic collision fatalities involving Honda vehicles, and carbon neutrality across its products and corporate activities. Launching first for China in 2024, the next generation of Honda Sensing 360 will leverage new technologies that detect abnormal conditions in the vehicle’s surroundings to reduce the likelihood of a collision.

In accelerating the advancement of Honda Sensing Elite, its flagship ADAS with advanced technologies, the OEM will provide new features that encourage safe driving on a greater variety of road types – including non-expressways. Further features include a hands-off function, accessible when driving through a traffic jam on arterial roads. This hands-off functionality will extend to merging onto and exiting from an expressway at a road junction, while another new feature will assist the driver by automatically parking in and driving out of a home garage.

Supporting these features is Honda’s own AI system, which leverages machine learning techniques to increase its capabilities. Over time, it can begin to recognize more complex scenes and handle driving scenarios that occur in complex environments.

Specific launch plans for the next generation of Honda Sensing Elite have not yet been announced.