The HoloMatic system, called HoloParking, is China’s first intelligent valet solution that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of the weather.

Unlike parking assistance systems, HoloParking does not require the driver to take the vehicle close to the parking space. It allows the driver to leave the car at the entrance of the car park. Using HoloParking, the vehicle finds a parking spot and performs the parking maneuver autonomously, without human supervision. To get the vehicle, the driver can start the system remotely and the vehicle will automatically go to the boarding area. Throughout this process, the driver does not need to enter the parking lot.

This year, the commercialization of HoloParking in China is starting in select cities, with initial rollout in Shanghai. By 2020, HoloParking is planning to support over 20 cities, each with at least 20 parking lots.