Hesai Technology has unveiled the FT120, a fully solid-state near-range blind spot LiDAR designed for ADAS series production vehicles with no moving parts inside. It is designed for near-range blind spots and has a 100° x 75° ultra-wide field of view. The company has received orders for one million units, deliveries expected to commence in the second half of 2023.

Compared with traditional LiDAR sensors, the FT120 has a reduced number of components and no moving parts internally. Through this design, Hesai’s sensor works to improve reliability, production efficiency, and consistency.

Based on a highly integrated architecture, FT120 is compact while maximizing performance. Its size allows it to be embedded on both sides or around the vehicle’s body. With a minimum window size of 70 mm x 50 mm, the LiDAR can also fit into the fender, grille, bumper, or other areas across the vehicle (OEMs can customize horizontal or vertical placement).

FT120 features a 100° x 75° ultra-wide FOV, with zero blind spots and a maximum detection range of 100 meters. It can perceive surrounding objects such as street signs, railings, small animals, traffic cones, and crosswalks in real-time – providing vehicles with enhanced blind spot perception.

With a data rate of 192,000 points per second (in a single return), and an overall resolution of 160 x 120, the sensor is capable of detecting rich object details and gathering information about its surrounding environment in real-time. In scenarios such as turning at urban intersections, cutting in line, overtaking, and autonomous parking, FT120 can help smart cars visualize road conditions in real-time.

In anticipation of the FT120’s launch Hesai’s Maxwell manufacturing center will commence operations next year, targeting an annual production capacity of one million units.