SEGULA Technologies presented its concept car with an innovative design: Hagora Pulse at the Geneva motorshow. the group revealed its latest innovation, “Pedestrian detection,” and several other technologies.

Pedestrian detection and visual feedback. The system of cameras embedded in the windscreen identify the passenger about to cross in front of the car, takes control of the vehicle, and informs the pedestrian that he/she may cross, through a visual displayed on the bonnet.

This technological brick adds to the e-sense application, which enables the driver to take control of his/her vehicle’s dashboard:

E-sense monitors the medical health of the vehicle’s occupants through sensors incorporated into the cockpit (steering wheel, seats) in order to accelerate medical care if necessary.

The gesture commands, combined with augmented reality, promote the display of information on the windscreen by a simple movement of the driver’s head, without removing hands from the steering wheel, nor taking eyes off the road.

Source: Segula Technologies