Foresight Autonomous Holdings, developer of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems announced that following a number of field tests conducted with a prototype, it has successfully completed proof of concept of its multispectral road traffic accident prevention system, which features both thermal and visible light cameras. In light of the emerging market demand for such products and the successful proof of concept completion, the company has decided to continue the rapid development of the system, which will include advanced image processing algorithms, and the consolidation, control and cross-checking of all data received from the system cameras. Foresight estimates that it will be able to complete development of a real-time demonstration within three months.

The new system is designed to provide multispectral vision capabilities, by combining four cameras operating at varying wavelengths (beyond human vision capabilities), thereby presenting a comprehensive solution for the front of the vehicle, which will detect all obstacles under any weather and lighting conditions, including complete darkness, smoke, haze, fog, rain and glare.

Source: Foresight Autonomous