FiveAI,  a leading UK company developing technology for driverless vehicles, start data gathering in the Boroughs of Bromley and Croydon to develop its venture to trial a shared driverless passenger service in London by 2019.

Up to ten Five AI’s vehicle’s will be driven in for 10 months by fully trained, human safety drivers in the same way as any normal, road-going vehicle. The vehicles are not demonstrating autonomous technology at this stage.

The data gathering exercise is designed to enable FiveAI to gain a comprehensive understanding of the road environment and the behaviour of all road users including drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. This will be happening at different times of the day and night. The data gathered will be used solely to develop FiveAI’s driverless vehicle technology. Data (such as imagery for object recognition and geometry to measure distance) will be collected, processed and stored in full compliance with UK and EU law including the GDPR, and will not be used in conjunction with any other datasets which could be used to identify individuals, or for any other purpose.

FiveAI’s data gathering vehicles feature an obvious array of front-facing sensors on the roof, and are clearly branded to ensure full transparency.

Source: Bromley Govt. and FiveAI blog