First Sensor, a developer and manufacturer of standard products and customer-specific solutions of sensor technology, is taking the next step towards volume production of cameras for driver assistance systems and adding the “Blue Next” industrialized camera generation to its product range.

The cameras are being developed and produced at First Sensor Mobility GmbH in Dresden in line with the quality management system for the automotive industry. Volume production of the first “Blue Next” camera solution started here for an international tier-1 supplier of driver assistance systems at the beginning of this year. The supply agreement initially covers the period up to 2022.

Volume production of the second “Blue Next” model for a further customer is scheduled to start in summer 2018. The industrialized camera generation supplements batch production of the predecessor “Blue Eagle” model and the analog “Red Hawk” series. Its features include a large selection of digital interfaces for simple and flexible integration into vehicle electrical systems and driver assistance systems. The digital HDR-CMOS cameras come with a connector that ensures fast and straightforward connection. Its robust housings can cope with the toughest environments and allow use in commercial vehicles and construction machinery, for instance. Models in the “Blue Next” camera range can also be used in First Sensor’s Embedded Area View application, and support innovative driver assistance systems in this way. Six to eight cameras can be integrated into the system. The Area View application uses them to provide real-time images both from a bird’s-eye view and from any angle in a 360 all-round view. The hardware and software application architecture meets requirements for embedded systems, e.g. with regard to real-time capability and security.

Source: First Sensor