Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Peugeot S.A. have agreed to amend certain terms of their binding 50/50 Combination Agreement to create Stellantis, the world’s 4th largest global automotive OEM by volume.

The parties have agreed the amendments in order to address the liquidity impact on the automotive industry of the COVID-19 pandemic while preserving the economic value and fundamental balance of the original Combination Agreement. The amendments have been unanimously approved by the Boards of both companies with the strong support of their reference shareholders. The existing commitments to support the transaction from EXOR, the Peugeot family Group (EPF / FFP), Bpifrance and Dongfeng Motor Group (DFG) remain in effect.

Specifically, the special dividend to be distributed by FCA to its shareholders before closing is set at €2.9 billion (previously €5.5 billion) while Groupe PSA’s 46% stake in Faurecia will be distributed to all Stellantis shareholders promptly after closing following approval by the Stellantis Board and shareholders.

As a result of these amendments, FCA’s and Groupe PSA’s respective shareholders will receive equal 23% shareholdings in Faurecia (capitalisation €5.867 billion at market close, 14th September 2020), while their 50/50 ownership of Stellantis – a group that will now have  €2.6 billion more  cash on its balance sheet – will remain unchanged.

Additionally, it has also been agreed that the Boards of both Groupe PSA and FCA will consider a potential distribution of €500 million to the shareholders of each company before closing or, alternatively, a distribution of €1 billion to be paid following the closing to all Stellantis shareholders.  These decisions will be taken in light of the performance and outlook of both companies, market conditions and performance in the intervening period. Any such distributions will be made only if approved by the Boards of both companies.

FCA and Groupe PSA confirm that in all other respects the economic terms of their Combination Agreement as signed on 17 December 2019 remain unchanged and that completion of the proposed combination is expected to take place by the end of the first quarter of 2021, subject to the previously agreed conditions to closing in the Combination Agreement.

The Boards of both FCA and Groupe PSA are more than ever convinced of the logic and extraordinary value creating potential of their merger. Stellantis can leverage from the outset a strongly diversified business with high margins in its core regions of Europe, North America and Latin America and a unique portfolio of well-established and iconic brands. Its best-in-class products, delivering high customer satisfaction, cover all key industry segments. Just as importantly, the new company, with its much greater combined scale, will be equipped to accelerate the development of highly innovative mobility solutions and cutting-edge technologies in new energy vehicles, autonomous driving and connectivity.

As a result of the significant progress made by the joint workstreams over the past months, the estimated annual run-rate synergies from the creation of Stellantis have been significantly increased to in excess of €5 billion from the €3.7 billion originally estimated.  The total estimated one-time implementation cost of achieving these synergies has also increased from €2.8 billion to a figure of up to €4 billion.