Faraday Future has selected Innovusion’s Falcon LiDAR sensor to power the autonomous driving system of its forthcoming FF 91 EV. The OEM expects the LiDAR to provide its FF 91 Futurist model with enhanced real-time 3D vision – allowing it to operate in low-light environments and adverse weather conditions while supporting a safer, more reliable, driving experience.

The Falcon sensor will help the model achieve these goals through its long-distance capabilities and high angular resolution. These features enable the sensor to detect other vehicles up to 1,600 feet away, as well as pedestrians and small road debris more than 650 feet away. Its 1550nm laser technology further enables it to deliver real-time precision in challenging weather and environmental conditions – such as rain or snow, and on bright or dark days.

The FF 91 Futurist was designed at the company’s Los Angeles headquarters, engineered between Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and China, and is currently in its production-intent phase at its ieFactory in California. Orders for the model are open now through Faraday Future’s website and its FF Intelligent smartphone app, available for iOS and Android.