Faction has begun testing self-driving light EV testing in Houston, Texas to understand how autonomous technologies can be applied to the realm of last-mile delivery operations.

Utilizing proprietary technology, including its autonomous system DriveLink and TeleAssist for remote human assistance, the company will deploy an initial fleet of self-driving light EVs. Through these vehicles, Faction is aiming to support curbside delivery operations in Houston and enable safer, more efficient, urban transportation solutions.

At the core of Faction’s fleet is Drivelink, which integrates autonomous capabilities into compact and agile vehicles. The vehicles themselves have been designed for operation in urban environments to maximize efficiency and safety as they carry out curbside deliveries. Faction’s TeleAssist similarly ensures a smooth transition to autonomous operations by providing real-time remote human assistance when needed.

In its early operations phase, Faction’s self-driving vehicles will fulfil curbside deliveries for real customers in the Houston metropolitan area. In adopting this approach Faction will look to gather valuable insights and feedback that demonstrate the potential AVs have to support various use cases across the last-mile delivery industry.

For this testing project, a new partnership with Verizon will provide mobile connectivity to the fleet – supporting Faction’s tracking and monitoring services for its vehicles. Through it, the fleet will be able to communicate and transmit data more seamlessly, enhancing the overall efficiency and reliability of Faction’s autonomous delivery operations. The partnership will likewise see the vehicles equipped with Verizon’s Hyper Precise Location Service to enhance their satellite-based location accuracy from meters to centimeters.

In addition to delivering goods to customers, Faction’s self-driving EVs will also collect routing and map data for the Houston metro area. This data will then be help optimize navigation algorithms and enhancing the overall efficiency of autonomous vehicle operations.