Eve autonomy has launched eve auto – its all-in-one autonomous transportation service with Yamaha Motor and TIER IV. The jointly developed service combines a purpose-built autonomous EV from Yamaha Motor and TIER IV’s Pilot.Auto and Web.Auto autonomous software platforms. In targeting Japan’s commercial sector, eve autonomy has said that the service can be used in various commercial environments, such as factories and warehouses.

Work on the service began in early 2020, expanding in the summer of that year as it implemented a fleet of L4 vehicles into operations at Yamaha Motor’s factory in Hamakita, Shizuoka. In developing and operating the joint service, eve autonomy hopes to address several challenges facing outdoor transportation – such as the introduction of conventional automated guided vehicles, their integration on the road alongside other, human-driven, vehicles, and the difficulty of modifying operational routes.

Today, the service is operating across nine commercial sites around Japan – including Yamaha Motor’s three factories, Prime Polymer’s Anesaki Works, Panasonic’s cold chain factory in the Oizumi area, Fuji Electric’s Suzuka factory, Japan Logistic Systems Corp.’s Ageo Center, and ENEOS’s refinery in Negishi.

The service can be deployed with no construction work and, as a transportation service for both indoor and outdoor environments, is capable of towing up to 1,500 kilograms. In addition to its fleet management system, eve auto also provides additional services, including post-deployment support and vehicle maintenance. Its operations are based on a land vehicle that can move on uneven outdoor environments. In pairing the vehicle with autonomous driving software optimized for use in low-speed automated transportation, the service’s vehicles can withstand rain, wind, and some adverse road conditions.

Eve auto itself is comprised of five different services. At the center is FG-01, an autonomous EV can tow up to 1,500 kilograms and load up to 300 kilograms of cargo. The EV is based on a land vehicle developed by Yamaha Motor and integrates TIER IV’s ‘Pilot.Auto’ software. Eve auto’s deployment support services provide a high-precision 3D mapping system for autonomous driving, while enabling operational design for automated transportation services. Its operational support extends the capabilities of these maps, providing operational control (mapping out a route), map editing, and map registration services. It also enables provision of a fleet management system optimized for on-site use and “eve auto DASH” software (that helps users provide driving instructions).

Its maintenance package allows for the FG-01 EV to be periodically maintained, and for its autonomous driving software to benefit from OTA updates. Dedicated insurance is provided for the autonomous EV that covers bodily injury liability and property damage liability. These features are further supported by integrations with external systems, including eve auto CONNECT NFC (for linkage with existing infrastructure) and the fleet management system via Web API.