The eSync Alliance and the Autoware Foundation have formed a joint work group to explore how OTA updates and data gathering can be integrated into the software stack of new autonomous vehicles. The project will be based on eSync’s secure, bi-directional, data pipeline.

eSync’s software platform provides a secure, bi-directional data path between the cloud and any number of electronic end devices inside a vehicle. It can work across multiple vehicle operating systems, and networks or busses, to reach any ECU or smart sensor in the car. This can then provide OTA software updates and handle data gathering.

The Autoware Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports open-source autonomous mobility projects. The foundation works to build bridges between corporate R&D and academic research, creating synergy in the development of autonomous driving technologies.

The eSync Alliance is a global initiative, including suppliers such as AlpsAlpine, Aptiv, Faurecia, Hella, Molex and ZF. Alliance members can benefit from a simplified development environment enabled by the standardization of architecture, functional behaviors, and APIs. This allows for faster, more efficient, deployment and provides end-to-end security for OEMs and suppliers alike.