dSPACE has announced a new partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop an advanced scenario generation solution using AWS’ generative AI technologies.

The new scenario generation feature, which dSPACE is developing with support from the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center, will be integrated into the dSPACE portfolio for SIL/HIL testing and data-driven development. It is based on an LLM available on Amazon Bedrock and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) architecture that, itself, leverages dSPACE’s scenario data.

Through this combination, users will be able to create a range of complex, realistic, scenarios (including edge cases according to the ASAM OpenSCENARIO standard), by entering a textual scenario description. This allows OEMs and suppliers to simulate and validate their autonomous driving systems more comprehensively and efficiently, reducing the time and cost associated with physical prototyping and testing.

Through its partnership with AWS, and the integration of the Amazon subsidiary’s technologies into its products, dSPACE is looking to achieve more inclusive and effective validation pipelines – ultimately contributing to the development of safer autonomous vehicles. The company confirmed that it will demonstrate the capabilities enabled through its new partnership at the AWS Automotive Symposium in Munich.