Safety Pool Scenario Database

The database provides a variety of driving scenarios that can be leveraged by governments, industry, and academia to test, and certify, Automated Driving Systems (ADSs) and ADAS. The database can also be utilized to create policy and regulatory guidelines.

Supported by The World Economic Forum, the Safety Pool initiative unites the autonomous vehicle community to improve the safety of ADSs. The main objective of the Safety Pool database is to build frameworks, processes, and infrastructures that are shared worldwide across the automotive industry, academia, and policymakers, to enable the transparent testing, validation, and certification of ADSs.

The initiative has already gathered consensus within the autonomous vehicle (AV) and ADAS communities and welcomes governments around the world to join them in bringing safety standards and certifications to their countries.

Members of the AV industry themselves are able to join the Safety Pool community and benefit from the database’s capabilities.