Cybellum, a leader in Automotive Cybersecurity Risk Assessment solutions, announces a strategic partnership with The Alliance Innovation Lab Tel Aviv. Following a successful POC of Cybellum’s solution, done by the Innovation Lab, the two will cooperate to build innovative cybersecurity technologies to be implemented in the automotive market.

The Alliance is working on four major areas of innovation in order to develop the mobility of the future: electrification, connected vehicles and services, autonomous driving, and new mobility services. As part of this effort, one of the main focus of the Alliance Innovation Lab Tel Aviv is cybersecurity. 

Today, most of the risk assessment in the automotive industry is conducted manually or using tools on a single component level. This methodology can’t scale and only provides partial information. An entire vehicle is a very complex system composed of over a hundred connected components, with a complex interconnection.

This strategic cooperation will focus on vehicle-level risk assessment, taking into account the architecture of the vehicle model and the automated assessment of a vehicle’s complex mesh of software and hardware.