For the first time in an urban environment, CTAG1 and Groupe PSA are testing the contribution that communication technologies can make to the development of automated vehicle functions. The aim is to see how well vehicles can communicate with the surrounding infrastructure in a complex urban environment. New mobility experiences will be made possible thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication technologies.

The tests carried out in Vigo related to:

– an automated valet parking system

– autonomous driving in an urban environment

> optimal speed regulation when approaching a traffic light

> protection of vulnerable users

Thanks to communication with road infrastructure, both of the urban driving situations tested will help anticipate road conditions and adapt vehicle speed, resulting in a controlled driving style that enhances flexibility, safety, and eco‑friendliness.

These trials are part of the European AUTOPILOT2 project launched in early 2017. The project aims to explore and evaluate how new communication technologies can contribute to the development of automated driving. The five participating European cities, which include Vigo in Spain, make urban areas available to serve as test sites and manage the necessary infrastructure adjustments. CTAG, the Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia, is leading the project and managing the technical trials. Other types of tests will be carried out in Vigo in the coming months.

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