Continental is developing a flexible 5G hybrid platform that allows both: mobile network communication, and rapid and reliable direct exchange of data.

Hybrid Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) solution integrates technologies not only for 4G and 5G network access, but also Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) and Cellular-V2X for direct V2X communication allowing the same hardware and software platform to support either communication standard, reducing not only cost but also complexity for a global application of V2X communication.

Functional advantages of the combination of 4G/5G and V2X

Combining V2X with mobile communication results in a platform for any type of networking. During the development phase on the hybrid communication platform, all V2X requirements for the security stack, positioning and application framework were integrated with the 4G/5G counterparts. Direct information from other vehicles can improve the decision-making of drivers and automated driving functions.

First V2X series projects in China

A practical example highlights the driving safety benefits of networking short- and long-range communication in one box. If vehicles approach a construction site, short-range V2X communication begins to communicate this situation within a half mile range. As a result, the driver is prepared for the situation when the car reaches the actual construction site or the end of a forming line of traffic. If seamless long-range communication also transmitted this warning with a longer lead time, the driver would be offered more options, having more time to prepare for a forming traffic jam or to get into the recommended lane. For China, this global project even marks the first series development of a V2X product.