CNXMotion, a joint venture company established by Continental and Nexteer, has announced an new version of its brake-to-steer (BtS) technology. The system now leverages two new software functions that provide backup safety layers for all variants of electric power steering and steer-by-wire systems across SAE’s levels of autonomy. Today, CNXMotion’s brake-to-steer technology portfolio includes Driver Effort Support for SAE L1 to L3, Steer-by-Wire Support for all levels, and Automated Driving Support for SAE L4 to L5.

When paired with a traditional electric power steering system, BtS Driver Effort Support adds another safety layer to provide up to an additional 25% reduction in torque. While steering traditionally manages the lateral control of a vehicle, CNXMotion’s BtS enables the braking and powertrain systems to contribute to lateral control to reduce steering efforts when necessary.

Steer-by-Wire replaces the mechanical steering connection between the hand wheel and road wheels with algorithms, electronics and actuators. In this type of steering system, the BtS Steer-by-Wire Support function enhances safety by translating the driver’s steering inputs into brake system control of the vehicle’s lateral motion. Launched in 2020, CNXMotion’s original BtS function saw electronic braking used as an additional layer of steering control for traditional, highly automated, and autonomous vehicles operating between the highest levels of autonomy.

Among the benefits of BtS for drivers and OEMs is its ability to work from the vehicle’s existing steering, braking, and powertrain systems. Here, portable software functions can reside on an existing controller, circumventing the need to spend on additional hardware. Likewise, it provides further safety and redundancy benefits for all vehicles with EPS and steer-by-wire, with CNXMotion’s BtS functions flexibly covering a variety of vehicle types.