The new version of ADAS is capable of recognizing the majority of road signs along with partially obstructed pedestrians and cars. Moreover, it “sees” the objects at night and in tunnels.

An automotive and AI software company Cognitive Technologies has produced the new version of ADAS (advanced driver assistant system), capable of recognizing the majority of road signs. The system progressed from interpreting only the main road signs to being able to analyze more than 40 signs. For example, now it detects prescriptive road signs and safety signs.

New ADAS also detects the traffic participants regardless of the weather conditions or light. According to the Head of Autonomous Software Department at Cognitive Technologies Yury Minkin “now we can “see” partially obstructed pedestrians and cars. We have achieved it through neural network optimization”.

Moreover, the new version includes the modernized detection algorithm in order to recognize the object during the nighttime ride or drastic weather conditions change. This technology is especially advantageous in tunnel rides.

Finally, an overall performance has been improved. According to the President of the company Olga Uskova “the closer detection rate to 100% is, the harder it is to conquer a better market place. We are fighting not for top 5% or 10% but for the decimals. However it is what makes autonomous driving safer at the end”.

Below is company’s test vehicle Nissan X Trail.

The company believes that its main competitive advantage is more powerful AI that allows to work faultlessly during harsh weather conditions and navigating on damaged road surface. The main aim of the project is to introduce a fully autonomous car to 2022-2023.

Source: Cognitive Technologies