Cognata is launching the first cloud-based simulation engine for autonomous vehicle validation powered with technologies from NVIDIA and Microsoft.

The Cognata platform leverages artificial intelligence, deep learning, and computer vision to provide the only solution capable of validating autonomous vehicles with unlimited scalability today. The NVIDIA DRIVE platform supports autonomous applications with software that helps developers and researchers optimize, validate, and deploy their work.

Cognata will run the combined technologies on the Microsoft Azure cloud-based platform. The collaborative solution represents a major milestone for the autonomous vehicle industry, and promises to bring safer self-driving vehicles to market much faster than anticipated.

NVIDIA DRIVE is a cloud-to-car scalable AI platform that enables autonomous vehicles to understand their environment and drive safely. By training and testing deep neural networks in the datacenter, and then performing real-time, low-latency inferencing in the vehicle, it enables Level 2 through Level 5 driving systems.

The alliance with Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform helps Cognata bring the power of scaled cloud computing infrastructure to the automotive world, along with NVIDIA’s cloud-based GPU technology. Car makers are required to accumulate 10 billion miles worth of test drives, which can take years to complete. Cognata’s simulation platform can advance that process by enabling autonomous vehicle manufacturers to log highly realistic virtual test drives on the virtual roadways of its simulated environment, thereby trimming years off the road-testing process.

Further, the Cognata simulation engine cloud-based services allows auto makers to avoid the expense of substantial upgrades to their infrastructure that the validation process would otherwise require.

Source: Cognata