Chordant has announced its collaboration with Mobileye, an Intel Company, to map the regional road network and infrastructure in the West Midlands region of the United Kingdom. The collaboration comes within the framework of Chordant’s ongoing relationship with Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) and CAM Testbed UK,and will allow Mobileye to use Convex to support TfWM’s long-term transport strategies with Coventry City Council.

Convex, Chordant’s mobility data exchange, collaborates with different parts of the mobility eco-system to enable data-driven solutions and services that can help ensure safer, cleaner, and better transportation. Created with direct support from the UK Government Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV), Convex sits at the intersection between Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Intelligent Transport Infrastructure, Digitised Freight and Logistics and Mobility-based Services, supporting the development of end-to-end solutions that depend on the efficient exchange of dynamic mobility data between organisations and technology. Through this partnership, Mobileye will leverage Convex to build mobility solutions that enable a safer, more convenient future of transportation in the West Midlands. 

TfWM, like other strategic transport authorities, have indicated a strong desire to build and maintain a digital record of the regional road network and its ongoing condition to enable new outcomes, both in operating and maintaining the network, and to allow new connected and autonomous services to operate on it efficiently. The key challenge is in providing solutions that can deliver this digital information in a way that integrates with transport authority systems and processes whilst being cost-effective and sustainable.

The partnership between Mobileye and Chordant will see the delivery of a digital record of road assets to allow both TfWM and other local authorities to evaluate how this information can be captured, delivered, used, and maintained.