China-based automaker Changan Automobile’s new model UNI-T made its formal worldwide debut. Changan UNI-T, the automaker’s first vehicle as part of a new product series, leverages several futuristic technologies in tandem with a unique, avant-garde look. The model comes equipped with an AI-chip intelligent vehicle system, creating a best-in-class intelligent human-computer interactive experience. In addition, the new UNI-T features the L3 autonomous driving system, further demonstrating the carmaker’s adoption of futuristic technologies and providing consumers with a smarter and superior driving experience.

Once autonomous driving becomes a reality in China, Changan plans to fully introduce the L3 self-driving system into the UNI-T. In a first iteration, the driver will not need to continually keep his or her eyes on the road, and, in a later iteration, the driving experience will move to the hands-free and feet-free stage. Supported by some of the most robust technologies available today, the new vehicle comes loaded with a wide range of new features, including automated vehicle following, automated lane-changing and intelligently recommended lane changing. The vehicle is expected to lead the way in going intelligent across China’s auto industry.