Cepton has confirmed plans to showcase its LiDAR integration solution for automotive headlamps at the IAA Transportation 2022 conference in Hanover, Germany. At the supplier’s booth, demonstrations of the sensor will be conducted in collaboration with ZKW, a lighting and electronics specialist. Here, attendees will see its Nova LiDAR integrated into a heavy-duty truck headlamp provided by ZKW. Visitors to Ceptons’ booth can also see live demonstrations of the LiDAR’s near-range 3D sensing capabilities that help eliminate perception blind spots.

The Nova sensor itself features a combination of miniature size, high resolution, and heightened field of view coverage in vertical and horizontal directions. Its compact form factor supports integration options around the vehicle to provide a full perception of the vehicle’s surroundings. This helps the vehicle detect close-proximity objects such as pedestrians, bicycles, and obstacles on the road surface. Incorporating Cepton’s LiDAR technology and proprietary ASIC allows Nova to be used in consumer and commercial vehicles alike, as well as EVs.

When fitted, Nova can work across a flexible range of automotive applications. It can, for example, be deployed across ADAS and AVs to enhance the protection of vulnerable road users, while enabling autonomous driving and parking capabilities.

The headlamp integration solution designed for Nova also provides discrete embedment, a self-cleaning mechanism, and sensor protection for easy maintenance. It likewise enables a dual sensor design for cut-in detection.