Cepton, a California-based LiDAR supplier, has announced a new partnership with Fabrinet, a provider of electronic manufacturing services, around the production of its Vista-X90 LiDAR.

The company selected Fabrinet based on its deep expertise in advanced optical packaging and precision optical. This in addition to its knowledge of electro-mechanical and electronic manufacturing services, through which its LiDARs will be produced and assembled.

The partnership represents a strategic move for Cepton, accelerating its goal to make LiDAR an essential component put to use in everyday consumer vehicles. Prior to the announcement, the company had begun initial production of Vista-X90 assemblies at Fabrinet’s facility in Chonburi, Thailand in September 2021. The facility is automotive qualified with IATF 16949 certification.

The Vista-X90 itself features Cepton’s patented MMT (Micro Motion Technology), a LiDAR imaging mechanism that enables long-range, high-resolution, 3D imaging through a dense scan pattern. Free of rotation, mirror, and friction, MMT was designed to provide the industry with scalable LiDAR solutions that carefully balance performance, reliability and cost.

Vista-X90 also packages Cepton’s proprietary LiDAR engine ASICs, designed for optimal illumination control, detection and signal processing. In utilizing Fabrinet’s experience in high-volume optical and opto-electrical manufacturing, the company aims to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, assemblies to ramp up production and achieve scalable growth.