CARMERA Inc. has announced the launch of Inventory Map, the newest component of its Change-as-a-Service dynamic map offering (“CaaS”). Built for the world’s leading consumer- and automotive-mapping companies, Inventory Map helps keep existing consumer and HD maps up-to-date by providing accurate, granular information about changes to road signs, traffic signals and other lane-level features—so called, “road inventory”—as detected by CARMERA’s network of vehicle-based sensors.

First launched in the San Francisco Bay Area with HD map provider Ushr Inc. as an initial pilot partner, CARMERA’s Inventory Map provides change data with greater speed, accuracy and detail than traditional news-aggregation and crowdsourcing services. Using best-in-class traffic-sign recognition, localization and impact analysis, Inventory Map provides specific details and the precise latitude and longitude coordinates for each change, delivering the data via an open, format-agnostic API for easy integration.

Having an accurate, up-to-date picture of essential road signs and markings is critical for autonomous, advanced driver assistance and consumer applications—allowing for more expansive autonomous vehicle operating domains, more efficient commercial routing and more precise directions for consumer navigation. Neither traditional real-time traffic applications, incident-reporting services, nor public records provide the accuracy, detail or comprehensiveness necessary to support the full range of these applications.

For example, in the first four weeks of operation, none of the changes identified by Inventory Map had specific descriptions in public records, even though 49 percent of said changes created alterations to road rules or function.                                                                                                                

Inventory Map joins Events Map, which was launched in 2020 and provides the real-time location of traffic-impacting events like construction at 10x the detail of the next best alternative. They will soon be joined by CARMERA’s Regenerative Map, which provides full camera-based HD map updates.