Vueron California LiDAR only autonomous vehicle

Vueron Technology, a Korean LiDAR startup, has been granted an permit that will allow it to test its autonomous vehicles that leverage a singular LiDAR sensor to carry out their self-driving operations. The permit was granted by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, allowing this testing to be conducted in, and across, the state.

Upon receiving the permit, Vueron conducted a test in which its LiDAR drove a vehicle autonomously from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The test vehicle equipped with the company’s LiDAR completed a 383-mile route that ran through Interstate 5 and Interstate 580, driving for six hours at a maximum speed of 70 mph.

Vueron has said that the safety driver inside Vueron’s vehicle did not hold the steering wheel for the duration of the test, and that no further autonomous assistance was provided by other technologies, such as cameras, radars, GPS, or high-definition mapping systems. Likewise, Vueron advised that it further verified the solution through self-driving tests conducted in a variety of roadway conditions and environments.

In Q3 2022, Vueron expects to unveil the next generation of its LiDAR platforms that can be worked on immediately by its customers. The company is also aiming to provide these systems at an affordable price point without compromising on delivering a safe, secure, driving experience.