Bosch is entering the series development of the first automotive lidar (light detection and ranging). The laser-based distance meter is indispensable for driving functions according to SAE levels 3 to 5. The new Bosch sensor will cover both long ranges and the close range – in freeway operation as well as in the city. With the help of economies of scale, Bosch wants to lower the price of complex technology and make it suitable for the mass market.

Bosch’s developers have examined all applications of automated driving functions – from motorway assistants to fully automated driving in the city. If, for example, a motorcycle approaches an automated vehicle at a higher speed at an intersection, a lidar is required in addition to the camera and radar in order to ensure reliable detection of the two-wheeler. Because a narrow silhouette and plastic cladding are difficult to see for a radar in this case. In addition, a camera can always be blinded by unfavorable light. This shows that a combination radar, camera and lidar used together is an ideal scenario.