Black Sesame Technologies, a provider of autonomous driving processors, has announced a new partnership with ZTE in the field of intelligent driving.

Through the collaboration, both firms will leverage their experiences with autonomous computing chips and vehicle operating systems to collaborate on product R&D, ecosystem collaboration, and project solutions. Together, they aim to jointly build an automotive hardware and software platform that will meet market demands, provide local chips and software, and jointly promote the establishment of a local automotive electronics alliance.

Black Sesame Technologies today provides OEMs with support in several areas through its products. Among these are its proprietary automotive image processing ISP, auto-grade deep neural network accelerator NPU, Huashan series high performance autonomous driving computing chip, Shanhai artificial intelligence development platform, Hanhai autonomous driving middleware, auto-grade integrated perception algorithm, BEST Data closed-loop solution, and BEST Drive autonomous driving solution.

The firm’s announcement follows the closure of its C+ funding round, with more $500 million raised in the C and C+ rounds combined.