Bestmile has announced a partnership with Perrone Robotics to be the preferred provider of fleet orchestration for the autonomous vehicle leader. 

Perrone Robotics is a pioneer in the autonomous vehicle space, having developed one of the first driverless vehicles in 2005 using its patented full-stack autonomous vehicle software platform called “MAX”. The Company subsequently developed a “drop in any vehicle” retrofit kit based on MAX and is used in road worthy all electric transit vans, neighborhood electric vehicles, and tractor trailers for logistics. Dubbed TONY, (TO Navigate You), the kit is capable of Level 4/5 autonomy.  

Perrone Robotics has delivered over 30 different vehicle types for multiple use cases, ranging from logistics to public transportation. The Company recently announced the deployment of an all-electric, fully autonomous, paratransit vehicle to the Jacksonville Transit Authority capable of speeds of up to 65 mph and operable on public roads. 

The Bestmile Fleet Orchestration Platform receives ride requests in real-time, intelligently dispatches vehicles with optimized routes based on traffic and the rides’ destinations. The platform allows mobility providers to control operational and customer experience requirements across multiple service types, including passenger and delivery solutions. The platform continually updates fleet status, traffic, and demand data, always sending the right vehicle to the right place at the right time.  

The Bestmile platform includes a complete suite of operator control systems. It supports mobile applications that can be easily configured, and the platform’s APIs can be used to integrate operator tools and applications. The technology is cloud-based and can manage multiple fleets and locations.