Beep and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) have announced a new partnership to jointly test applicable use cases for shared, electric, and autonomous shuttle vehicles.

For the NCDOT, the partnership provides an opportunity to expand its Connected Autonomous Shuttle Supporting Innovation (CASSI) program to help develop the U.S. state’s understanding of autonomous technologies, while also demonstrating the viability of shared autonomy solutions.

The partnership’s first pilot project will operate in Fred G. Bond Metro Park, a municipal park in Wake County, Cary. At the park, a four-stop, two-mile route will transport residents and visitors across its 310-acre area. Over the course of the pilot, Beep will provide support in the safe testing and monitoring of autonomous mobility networks, while also gathering operational data and insights for both CASSI and Cary.

Following the announcement of the partnership, the NCDOT and Beep are now working to establish further test locations in the state. Much like the Cary pilot, these new projects will work to enhance the NCDOT’s understanding of shared autonomous mobility and evolve the CASSI program as technology continues to advance.