Beep, a provider of autonomous shared mobility solutions, has announced a new partnership with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA).

Focusing its operations at Bishop Ranch, a business park in the city of San Ramon, the partnership marks Bleep’s first deployment in the West Coast. Prior to its work with Bleep, the CTTA had previously obtained permission from the California DMV for a shared autonomous vehicle to travel on public roads in the state.

For employees, visitors, and residents of Bishop Ranch, the partnership will offer a new opportunity to engage with autonomous mobility in Beep’s all-electric autonomous shuttles. The project’s fleet will transport these passengers across a four-stop route, providing connectivity to the San Ramon Transit Center and City Center, as well as various corporate offices.

In addition to its Bishop Ranch partnership, Beep and the CCTA will collaborate on a separate project aimed at delivering autonomous mobility at an additional site in early 2024. For the CCTA, both projects will provide it with valuable insight into developing AV services that will soon underpin new mobility networks in campuses, communities, and city centers across the California county.