In the future, the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) will carry out ADAS tests with the miniaturised but fullfledged GNSS/inertial system ADMA-Slim and the ultra-flat soft crash target for vehicles made by Anthony Best Dynamics (ABD). With ADMASlim the BASt is now focusing on the established ADMA technology forcentimeter accuracy in positional data acquisition. The small, light and powerful GNSS/ inertial system is compatible with all established Global Vehicle Targets (GVTs), and therefore also with the Guided Soft Target (GST) from ABD.

The combination of the powerful measurement system and the extremely flat low-profile chassis enables extremely precise implementation of complex test scenarios. This means that the BASt is optimally set up for the new Euro NCAP 2018 test protocols.

ADMA-Slim has been specially developed for applications with space or weight restrictions, for example to enable these to be integrated in overrunnable platforms for GVTs (Global Vehicle Targets) or VRUs (Vulnerable Road Users such as pedestrians or cyclists). “The new GNSS/inertial system is smaller and lighter than its previous model, even at the same level of functionality” said test engineer Adrian Hellmann (expert in the department Active Vehicle Safety and Driver Assistance) from BASt happily. “We were convinced by the simple and flexible handling of the compact, but powerful measurement system”, said Mr Hellmann.

The fullfledged GNSS/inertial system is based on MEMS gyros and acceleration sensors in addition to a powerful GNSS receiver. This means that ADMA-Slim delivers exceptionally precise, smoothed and consistent signals even during poor GNSS reception. A choice of using either GPS, GLONASS, Beidou or Galileo means that satellite reception is considerably improved even on obstructed test routes. A further advantage: ADMA-Slim Is compatible with all the previous ADMA-G products and can therefore also be combined with the DELTA calculation.

ADMA-Slim is compatible with all common GVTs, including the GST (Guided Soft Target) from ABD. The soft crash target is remote controlled. In order to ensure that the GST follows a precisely-defined route without deviation, exceptionally-precise positioning data from a GNSS-supported inertial system such as the ADMA-Slim are indispensable. “The advantage for our customers is that they will be focusing on two established systems which they already know, and which harmonise together extremely well, using this combination of powerful measurement system and ultra-flat soft crash targets. Its simple handling with all the well-known features can be used as before”, is how Klaus Weimert, Sales Manager for ABD Deutschland, sums up the system.

The new miniaturised GNSS/inertial system is available in three different versions: a standard version with seven Lemo connectors or a singleconnector version with a MIL connector. Both versions are enclosed in a waterproof housing. The third version is the OEM version without housing and can be integrated directly into an existing system. ADMA-Slim fulfils the requirements of the international Euro NCAP and NHTSA test standards and can therefore be used worldwide for vehicle dynamic measurements and ADAS tests such as AEB and Car-to-Car.

Source: GeneSys