Baraja has entered into an advanced development agreement with a major OEM alongside its partner Veoneer.

The agreement will see the autonomous technology company specifically develop its Spectrum HD25 LiDAR for automotive integration. In partnering with Veoneer, Baraja hopes to accelerate the scale required for this integration. The agreement represents a step forward for the automotive integration of Spectrum HD25. Under it, Baraja will enter the next stage of development for the sensor.

Spectrum HD25 is built on Spectrum-Scan РBaraja’s proprietary solid-state scanning platform. The LiDAR system provides the range, resolution and performance necessary to help customers achieve full autonomy. In combining per-point Doppler capability at the hardware level, with Spectrum-Scan and the Random Modulation Continuous Wave (RMCW) ranging method, it works to deliver unparalleled performance and accuracy at range and speed.