The next generation of autonomous vehicles (AV) will be designed faster, safer and more affordable as a result of a strategic partnership between AVSimulation and ANSYS. The collaboration integrates revolutionary simulation technology from AVSimulation with ANSYS’ immersive autonomous driving simulation solutions, greatly accelerating AV’s path to market for automobile manufacturers.

Meeting the stringent safety standards for autonomous driving requires proof that all complex interactions between an autonomous vehicle and its surrounding environment, traffic and weather can be tested across millions of scenarios. This testing requires billions of miles of exhaustive physical road tests of the prototype car, consuming decades of development time and cost.

To drastically reduce physical prototype testing and save time, OEMs are turning to ANSYS VRXPERIENCE, one of ANSYS’ immersive, cutting-edge solutions, to combine virtual reality capabilities with physics-based simulation. It enables engineers to test, validate and experience AV systems and vehicle performance in everyday driving conditions, spanning millions of virtual miles in a single day. VRXPERIENCE includes HMI testing, physical sensor simulation (including radars, LIDARs, cameras and ultrasonic), embedded software controls integration, headlamp simulation and links to simulation data management and systems safety analysis.

Embedded within VRXPERIENCE, as its driving simulator module, AVSimulation’s proven SCANeR Studio product is an open and scalable modular simulation solution that creates an ultra-realistic virtual world, enabling users to simulate thousands of driving scenarios with numerous variabilities on high performance clusters or on public cloud, such as Microsoft Azure. SCANeR incorporates roads generated from high definition maps and asset libraries, traffic situations, weather conditions, vehicle dynamics and more.