AutoX has chosen Arbe’s 4D Imaging Radar Platform for their Level 4 autonomous vehicles, RoboTaxis, as well as other autonomous driving projects. Arbe recently revealed plans to go public through a SPAC merger with Industrial Tech Acquisitions, Inc at equity value of approximately $723M, merger conditions discussed below.

Over the next five years, AutoX is expected to integrate 400,000 Arbe-based ultra-high resolution radar systems in their Level 4 fleet. Multiple radar units will be included as an integral component of the sensor suite for safety application development, AI-based perception algorithms, and sensor fusion.  

AutoX chose to partner with Arbe because their platform enables advanced safety and sensor performance at an attractive price point. As part of the agreement, Arbe will provide AutoX with the entire Arbe Imaging Radar platform, which enables an image 100 times more detailed than any radar on the market, via a proprietary technology with 2K resolution, the highest channel count in the industry.