Aurora and Schneider have announced a long-term commercial pilot that will see Aurora Driver haul freight for Schneider’s customers. Through it, Schneider will investigate how best to incorporate of autonomous trucks into its fleet to enhance efficiency and satisfy demand.

From this week, the Aurora Driver will begin weekly autonomous hauls between Dallas and Houston with safety drivers on board. Over the course of the pilot, load frequency is expected to increase as Schneider expands its relationship with Aurora.

For Aurora itself, working with Schneider will accelerate its progress toward delivering Aurora Horizon – its subscription-based autonomous trucking product. Here, the pilot will strengthen and prepare Aurora Horizon ahead of its launch in several areas.

It will for example, support the development of Aurora Driver through the system’s ability to learn from its own operations. Weekly hauls will allow Aurora itself to test the durability of its new trucks for commercial operation and deployment. Likewise, Aurora has confirmed that Schneider will help test and validate the service through the pilot.